Meet Your 2024 Farmer Trading Card All Stars!

About Loudoun Farmers

Loudoun farmers pour a little bit of themselves into every fruit, vegetable and animal that grows on their farms, as well as the value add products that get made here in Loudoun County.

Each farmer has their own pathway to one of the world’s oldest professions, including family farmers who have tended the land for generations, as well as titans of other industries who came to farming as a second chapter.

Loudoun’s diversity is reflected in the ownership and operation of its farms, with more women-, Latino-, Hispanic- and Asian-owned farms than anywhere else in Virginia. Loudoun also leads the Commonwealth in farms owned by military veterans.

Farmer Trading Cards

Started in 2016, the Loudoun County Farmer Trading Cards are an award-winning annual collaboration between Loudoun Economic Development and the Loudoun County School District’s School Nutrition teams.

Farmer Trading Cards are designed to put hero farmers in the spotlight, in much the same way that sports trading cards have done for generations. The cards are made available to public elementary school students, as well as select private and homeschool students throughout the county.

Curated each year through community nomination, the deck is released each spring to align with the planting season and Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Throughout the weeks that follow, Loudoun Economic Development and LCPS share video features on each farmer, and those farmers who are able visit elementary schools to meet with the kids.

The goal of the program is to help forge a personal connection between the farmers and students, as well as helping them understand the professional opportunities that exist in farming.

Loudoun Farmers in the Spotlight

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2023 Farmer Trading Card All Stars

2022 Farmer Trading Cards

  • Farmer Jens-Peter,
    Living Green Aquaponics and Microgreens
  • Farmer David,
    Second Spring Farm
  • Farmer Yung Joon
    Green Hills Garden and Nursery
  • Farmer Chris
    Lutman Farm
  • Farmer Jim,
    Mountain View Farm
  • Farmers Eden and Lincoln,
    Rivenwool Animal Rescue
  • Farmer Elaine,
    Fields of Athenry
  • Farmer Vishali
    Sprouting Roots Farm

Loudoun Farmers in the Spotlight

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