Lamb has a storied tradition in Loudoun County, dating back to the original German settlements in what is today known as Lovettsville in the early 1700s. The gentle slopes of green pastures on Loudoun farms provide an ideal environment for flocks to thrive, whether raised for wool or meat. Lamb meat from Loudoun farms can be enjoyed as chops, or further produced into sausage, custom cuts and other pre-packaged products.

Unique Health Benefits

Lamb is one of the healthiest cuts of red meat available, coming both nutrient-packed and low in calories relative to other options. Lamb is considered to be extremely nutrient dense, with high doses of protein, amino acids, B1 and B2 vitamins, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 vitamins as compared to beef or chicken. Coupled with the fact that it has fewer calories per ounce than beef or chicken, lamb is a very nutritious source of protein. While some cuts are considered to be fatty, lamb is much higher in unsaturated fat, which is considered the “good kind of fat” for cholesterol and heart health.

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Lamb is also a great source of protein for man’s best friend, and some Loudoun farms offer lamb-based dog food for Fido!

Lamb Can Help With Skin Health and Inflammation

The key to a balanced diet is, well…balance. It’s not just loading up on certain nutrients, but understanding how they interact with and complement each other. Please consult your doctor for the best nutritional plan for you!

In the typical American diet, there tends to be an imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids of nearly 20:1. Lamb’s meat tends to be very high in omega-3 (comparable to fish) and can help bring balance to your chemistry.

Externally, a healthy diet of essential fatty acids can lead to healthier hair, skin and nails. Internally, omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation, increase brain and heart function, improving vision and joint function.


Wool was a lucrative industry in Spain during the 1400s, enriching the royalty and helping fund Christopher Columbus’ expedition to the Americas.

Loudoun Farms Raise Healthy Lambs

Today, nearly two dozen Loudoun farms raise lambs for meat, predominantly in small flocks with room to roam. More than 30 different breeds of sheep can be found on Loudoun farms, including 26 that can be raised for meat. Much like goats, sheep benefit from a varied diet of pasture living, which includes grass, tree leaves and twigs, and even thorny brambles. Sheep typically eat for seven hours per day, taking the nutrients available in their grazing area. Stay tuned for updates on different sheep-based activities at Loudoun farms, and shop directly from the lamb producers listed below:

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