Did you know? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest Ag Census, Loudoun is home to more female-owned farms (725) than any other county in Virginia.

These women touch every aspect of farming and production in Loudoun, from raising animals and sewing seeds to brewing, winemaking and creating fine artisan products.

We could not lead Virginia in honey production, hops production, grape production, raspberry farms, wineries, agritourism and wineries if not for the innovative female farmers that call Loudoun home.

Our partners at Visit Loudoun sat down with a few of these female entrepreneurs earlier this spring and got their thoughts on working Loudoun’s fertile land:

Check out the farms and rural businesses that each of these cultivating businesswomen operates:

Looking for ways to support these farmers and other Loudoun small business owners? Throughout the growing season, we’re asking you to Take Loudoun Home. Whether you live around the corner from a farm or are visiting from out of town, get to know the faces of our farmers and the high-quality foods and craft items they produce.

Curious about the growing season in Loudoun? Check out our Harvest Calendar, as June is the tail end of asparagus, salad greens and strawberry season, but also the kickoff of blueberries, cucumbers, green beans, raspberries and squash at a Loudoun farm near you.