This feature on Farmer Juan is part of Loudoun Economic Development’s award-winning Farmer Trading Card series, spotlighting farmers as heroes to our community. For more information on the Farmer Trading Card 2024 starting lineup, please visit Loudoun Farms.

While Juan Ramirez may be somewhat new to farming, he has made a respect for history, tradition and the local ecosystem the backbone of Home Farm 1760. Ramirez’s passion for protecting biodiversity and infusing his Mexican heritage can be found in everything that he does on his farm.

“At Home Farm 1760, our dedication to agriculture intertwines heritage foods, culinary exploration, and ecological stewardship. Embracing my Mexican background, we’ve curated an agricultural landscape that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors of Mexican cuisine with a local Virginia twist.”

A self-taught farmer, Ramirez credits YouTube and TikTok among the platforms he’s learned from, but also is thankful for all the support he’s received from his community of fellow farmers. Their guidance and patience has meant the world to Juan and he hopes to one day pay it forward. “Networking with other farmers has helped us immensely. There’s been a lot of trial and error, but eventually it just works out.”

It was Ramirez’s passion for the culinary arts that led him to farming, and he’s embraced an organic approach to growing and producing the best honey, black walnut syrup, and custom grafted heirloom fruit trees. The latter, Ramirez explains is “a key pillar of our approach to agriculture is the cultivation of heirloom varieties treasured seeds passed down through generations, offering tastes and stories that can’t be found on supermarket shelves.

Ramirez certainly knew what he was getting into when he embarked on his farming journey and the amount of work he was about to undertake. “Farming is hard work. Rain or snow, hot or cold, there is always something that needs to be planted, maintained or planned. It really makes you appreciate all the farmers that allow us to have fresh fruits and vegetables available at our grocery stores and farmers markets.”

And while the work may be taxing and arduous – Juan knows it is all worth it. There’s something special in working the soil and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. “I love browsing our gardens and picking what’s in season to make an immediate meal out of it! The taste of fresh, seasonal produce is amazing and beats anything available at a grocery store. Sharing the bounty from our farm, and a recipe or two with our community is my passion. Somehow, knowing where your food comes from down to the address and grower makes it taste so much better!”

Juan’s advice to those considering following in his footsteps? Don’t be afraid to start small and take great pride in what you produce. “I want people to know that even if you do have a small farm, just focus on a few products and make them amazing.”

You can purchase all of Home Farm 1760’s delicious products on their website at or by visiting the farm in Leesburg, VA.

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