This feature on Farmer Severino is part of Loudoun Economic Development’s award-winning Farmer Trading Card series, spotlighting farmers as heroes to our community. For more information on the Farmer Trading Card 2023 starting lineup, please visit Loudoun Farms.

Farmer Severino Maya Garcia is the expert you call when farmwork needs to get done in Loudoun County.

Need to sow seeds, tend plants or harvest? Call Farmer Severino.

Need to build a 10-foot deer fence? Call Farmer Severino.

Need expertise on Loudoun’s award-winning grapes? Call Farmer Severino.

He has been here for two decades, building the skills, team and relationship he needs to serve diverse agricultural clients across a variety of rural industries.

He may be far from his childhood home in Oaxaca, Mexico, but he never forgets his roots in agriculture.

“I started out working the farms in Mexico with my father and uncles. He showed me a lot about working the farms and growing corn, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon – a lot of veggies,” he said. “When I came to the United States, I moved here to Virginia. I’ve worked in the fields for a long time, all to help the farmers in Loudoun County.”

In building his business, Farmer Severino has offered meaningful employment, transferable skills and livable wages to other Spanish-speaking immigrants in the community.

Nearly 14% of Loudoun’s population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, a mark that is four points higher than the rest of Virginia, and a figure that has doubled since Farmer Severino moved to the county in 2003.

At any given time, he employs nearly two dozen workers and serves more than 25 farms in Northern Virginia.

Currently, Farmer Severino also serves as the Vineyard Manager for October One Vineyard and is a key mentor for The New Ag School. Doing the work and teaching the craft are of equal importance to his definition of success.

“I’ve met with a lot of farmers and it’s exciting. I learned a lot about how I can work in the farms, and passed that along to others,” he explained. “I wanted to show my guys how to work in the farms, but I always wanted to make sure my hands were dirty.”

Loudoun enjoys a temperate climate with excellent soil, helping the harvest season last for at least six months. The only time that logistics get tricky is when all of his clients expect to to be harvested at the same time – a good problem for him to have.

On any given day, Farmer Severino and his crews might be troubleshooting repairs, tending to plants, or planning the next great Loudoun farm business.

“I like growing everything,” he said with a smile, choosing not to name a favorite plant or farm industry. “I don’t say ‘I want to grow this and this and this.’ I like to grow everything.”

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