This feature on Farmer Valerie is part of Loudoun Economic Development’s award-winning Farmer Trading Card series, spotlighting farmers as heroes to our community. For more information on the Farmer Trading Card 2024 starting lineup, please visit Loudoun Farms.

Farmer Valerie Greenleaf developed an early affinity for large animals, one that eventually led her to pursue a life in farming. Now in her 14th year in the profession, Valerie takes great pride in Sunny Knoll EcoFarm’s prized guernsey cows – which are a rare and endangered breed.

“They are what make Sunny Knoll a special place. I love working with them and the most fun part is competing with them in local, state and national competitions.”

Guernsey cows are known for producing milk rich in the A2 protein – which has several benefits. The taste is exceptional – it is a rich, flavorful milk – and many people find it easier to digest than other varieties. Valerie is well aware of the value of the milk and touts the exceptional products Sunny Knoll makes from it.

“We turn the guernsey milk into many dairy products, with my favorites being yogurt, natural golden guernsey butter, and mozzarella cheese.”

Spend enough time with Farmer Valerie and the one word you’ll hear time and again is sustainability. Sunny Knoll’s commitment to it permeates through everything they do and they take great pride in not wasting a single resource available to them. Additional milk?

Valerie uses it to create soap, including a popular rose sea salt variety sold by the farm. Whatever is left after that is served up as a tasty snack to Sunny Knoll’s pigs. Finally, even the waste is not wasted! The manure from the cows is turned into a compost that nourishes the soil that grows their amazing fruits and vegetables.

At Sunny Knoll EcoFarm, it is definitely all hands – and paws – on deck. Valerie speaks fondly of the Great Pyrenees dogs that she helps raise and train.

“They’re working dogs that have an important job at Sunny Knoll – they help to keep the herd of cows safe from predators.”

Sunny Knoll EcoFarm is proudly family-owned and operated. If you’re interested in learning more about their wonderful products, touring the farm or even bottle feeding a beautiful young guernsey cow, visit them at

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