This feature on Farmer Sage is part of Loudoun Economic Development’s award-winning Farmer Trading Card series, spotlighting farmers as heroes to our community. For more information on the Farmer Trading Card 2024 starting lineup, please visit Loudoun Farms.

What happens when a florist with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for sustainability realizes that there is a lot of waste in the floral industry?

Well, for Sage Devlin, it led to the creation of Far Bungalow Farm, a venture dedicated to providing the beauty and elegance of floral arrangements while also educating its consumers.

Devlin explains when she had her epiphany. “I got into growing flowers by first working as a florist. While working in flower shops, I noticed that it was very unsustainable with lots of trash and lots of imported flowers. I also have a green thumb, so I said to myself ‘I think I want to grow flowers too’ – so now I get to do both.”

The experience inspired Sage to open her own business, Floracult (located on King Street in downtown Leesburg), a local only flower shop that sells what Sage and other local farmers grow. The essence of Floracult is to embrace a more holistic approach to floriculture, one that teaches others. “I want people to know where their flowers are grown and encourage them to grow and arrange their own flowers.”

Now entering her fifth year of farming, Sage is excited about all that she has learned and has fun with what she continues to learn.

“Farming is a giant, multilayered science experiment – working with nature to benefit me and my farm, but also my local wildlife and ecosystem.”

Devlin is also not afraid to admit there have been some missteps. “It’s okay to make mistakes, there’s always next season to get it right.” Devlin continues to expand her knowledge and has begun hydroponic growing that will allow her to grow some flowers, including tulips, during the winter months.

When asked what makes Far Bungalow Farm a special place, Devlin’s personality shines through. “I like to embrace the whimsy of growing flowers and Far Bungalow Farm is proudly LGBTQ owned.  I also love growing near and maybe even on top of caves!”

Devlin has had plenty of help and support from the Loudoun community in getting off to a great start with Far Bungalow Farm. She credits her mentor Barbara Lamborne of Greenstone Fields with teaching her to farm and her network of fellow farmers and flower growers for their assistance.

You can find Sage’s beautiful floral arrangements at Floracult and other local businesses including: the Lovettsville Cooperative Market, the Hamilton Mercantile, and the Wheatland Spring Farmers Market.

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