Cool fact of the day: all of the world’s continents (well, except for Antarctica) have at least one species of native animal living on a working Loudoun farm. Today we’re looking at Loudoun farm animals with Asian roots.

Here is a sampling of farms where you can find each type of animal, starting first with the largest continent. Asia stretches from Europe to Siberia and the Middle East, and all the way down to the South Pacific islands. The climate ranges from jungle to desert and tundra, and was a hotbed for animal domestication.

These animals are associated with traditional agriculture, and are easily spotted on Loudoun farms. Many of these farms participate in the annual Spring and Fall Loudoun Farm tours, so keep this list handy as you’re planning your stops:

  • Horses: Originally domesticated in the Middle East, horses have had and will have a major impact of Loudoun’s past, present and future. There are more horses in Loudoun than any other county in Virginia.
    • Loudoun horses are found at dozens of farms, including Clairvaux Farm, Looking Glass Farm, and Van Vixen Farm. See More Horse Farms
  • Sheep: Domesticated sheep today are likely derived from wild mouflon in Eurasia, and there are more than 1 billion sheep in the world today.
    • Loudoun sheep are found at 19+ plus farms, including Beaucaire Farm, Frog Haven Farm, and Sheepy Hollow Farm. See More Sheep Farms 
  • Pigs: Derived from wild boar that were found across Eurasia, pigs are a common farm animal around the world.
    • Loudoun pigs are found at 13+ farms, including Ayrshire Farm, Fort Bacon Farm, and Long Stone Farm. See More Pig Farms 
  • Goats: Domesticated from wild goats in Eurasia, there are more than 300 breeds in existence today.
    • Loudoun goats are found at 6+ farms, including Georges Mill Farm, 56 Hooves, and Milcreek Farm. See More Goat Farms 
  • Peafowl: Known for their beautiful plumage, peacocks and peahens have been kept as pets for thousands of years, but are still considered more wild than domesticated.
  • Water Buffalo: The ancient origins of the domestic water buffalo are debated, but likely began in India at least 5,000 years ago.

Do you want to meet these animals? Mark your calendars for the Loudoun Spring Farm Tour, May 18 and 19, 2019. Visitors can enjoy free, self-guided driving tours to participating farms and craft beverage venues during the county-sponsored events.

Do you know a Loudoun farmer who should be on the tour this year? Get them to sign up before March 15.