While the end of summer is in sight, the harvest season on Loudoun farms continues for months to come, giving you ample opportunity to Take Loudoun Home.

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Whether you’re planning a perfect Labor Day cookout, thinking ahead for Thanksgiving, or simply want to shop for groceries, keep Loudoun Farms at the forefront of your plans.


Loudoun farms are renowned for their quality, for several important reasons. Virginia is known for its agriculture, which together with forestry provides the Commonwealth’s largest industry. Loudoun County is known for the richness of its soil, giving farmers the perfect base to grow nutritious produce.

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As a group, Loudoun farms also use responsible practices for raising livestock, with many electing to use free-range or organic feed options. This provides peace-of-mind, knowing that you’re giving your family and guests the very best that Loudoun has to offer.

Whether you live in Loudoun County or elsewhere in the region, know that buying directly from the farms is also good for the environment. Large chain grocery stores work on an economy of scale and have to source food from thousands of miles away.

This can be detrimental to the environment and you.

Whether the food is shipped in by land, sea or sky, food transportation has a large carbon footprint. Because it was picked weeks before it ripened, it also has far less nutrition than food that was left to ripen on the vine.

So the next time you have a special occasion, or just want to stock up on local meats and produce, remember to Take Loudoun Home.


Loudoun Made, Loudoun Grown farms are committed to sourcing and/or making products right here in the county. You can see a full list of the participating program farms, along with their products, in the sortable map below:

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