Nor’Easters, polar vortexes and blizzards, oh my! It’s winter in the Loudoun Valley, and Mother Nature isn’t holding back on frostiness. During this season of snow, you might forget about the beautiful colors and bountiful farm harvests–but you’re missing out! Right now, you can still enjoy shopping local from the comfort of home, on the Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown Marketplace.

For first-time shoppers, the Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for Loudoun’s freshest produce, responsibly-raised meat, additive-free dairy, cozy winter gifts, and award-winning beverages, with 100% of revenue passed through to Loudoun’s hardworking farms and rural businesses. Loudoun Economic Development covers the costs that farms would otherwise pay for a subscription with Local Line, making this a win for businesses and your family.

An order placed by midweek is ready for pickup by the weekend, and you’ll enjoy the process of getting to know the faces, families and farmers behind these high-quality products.

Beverages, meats, gifts and dairy all have a shelf life or can be made or grown in the winter. But how can Loudoun farms provide fresh produce when the overnight lows are in the single digits? That’s easy, thanks to the hydroponic and aquaponic operations in Loudoun County–represented on the Marketplace by Endless Summer Harvest and LGA Microgreens.

LGA Microgreens is located in suburban Ashburn, taking advantage of a vertical harvesting model and the power of nutrition provided by fish water. This highly efficient operation requires no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, packing nearly 40X the nutrition as mature plants.

Endless Summer Harvest is Virginia’s oldest hydroponic operation, and runs out of greenhouses in Purcellville. Mary Ellen Taylor is a familiar face in Loudoun farming, and grows as much in her 12,000 square feet, on a rolling basis, as she might on 12 acres during the heart of the growing season.

Even when the temperatures plunge, their supplies of lettuce, arugula, European blends, basil, cilantro, parsley, watercress, sorrel and microgreens grow quickly, providing your family with a never-ending supply of tender nutrition. As a bonus, they also sell salad bowls, dressing, gift cards and other accessories on the marketplace.

If salads made with Loudoun roughage reminds you of a salad from your favorite restaurants in the region, there’s a reason for that: they are a year-round supplier for some of your favorite eateries as well.

Whether you’re meal planning for next week, resupplying your wine reserves, shopping for a special occasion, or just wanting to browse what’s available, the Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown Marketplace has something for everyone.

At a time when supply chain issues and panic shopping is leaving grocery store shelves barren, wouldn’t you rather know where your food comes from and that it will be available as needed? 

Shop from home, support your neighbors, and enjoy the next Loudoun snow day with products from your favorite Loudoun farms.