The 2021 holiday shopping season is in full swing, and with it comes more incentives than ever to bypass global supply chain issues and shop from local farms, businesses and suppliers. 

Blame it on COVID-19, workforce shortages or the Suez Canal, but one thing is certain: packages are taking longer to ship from one place to another. As of November, there were 127,000 shipping containers stuck for nine-plus days at the ports in California, which handle 40% of the imports that come into the U.S. via container ships. This, combined with near-record retail imports, has put a squeeze on global logistics. 

Your perfect gift or meal for that special someone could still be stuck in a shipping container this holiday season, casting a shadow on the festivities. Or you could buy something unique straight from the source! 

For residents and visitors to Loudoun County, that can be done easily with Take Loudoun Home for the Holidays.

“This year, avoid supply chain issues by Taking Loudoun Home,” Visit Loudoun’s President & CEO Beth Erickson said. “Buying from Loudoun farms, craft beverage producers, restaurants and small businesses is easy, impactful and very important this holiday season.”

Here are a few ways to replace your typical shopping routine this holiday season:

Jewelry: Diamonds are forever, and ordering one internationally might take that long to get here! Instead of shopping from a global exporter, show your support for local, family-owned shops like:

Flowers: Even though the summer sun is far away, flowers are still in full bloom in Loudoun County! Skip the grocery store imports and check out locally-raised stems from:

Fresh Food: Nothing says love like a home-cooked meal, and Loudoun-raised food is the secret ingredient in your pantry this holiday season. Pick up meals or ingredients from these participating farms:

Beverages: Cheers to the new year, a new you, and a new bottle of your favorite Loudoun-made craft beverage! Pick up your favorite bottle of holiday spirit from one of these farms – or let Cork and Keg Tours drive you there:

Artisan or Unique Gifts: Whether your holiday shopping list is filled with easy-to-pleasers or stubborn receivers, Loudoun farms are guaranteed to have something for everyone and help you flaunt how much you care:

Community Supported Agriculture: Maybe you’d like to give the gift of natural beauty throughout the year? You can sign up yourself or a loved one for fresh weekly flower deliveries throughout the growing season by gifting a bouquet subscription from Sweet Piedmont Flowers in Waterford.

Like the shop local concept but are not seeing what you need? Find events throughout the holiday season, cut your own locally grown tree, or shop any time from the convenience of the Loudoun Made Loudoun Grown Marketplace.

No matter what you choose in the next few weeks, show local businesses some much-needed support throughout 2022 by choosing to Take Loudoun Home.