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Nov 15

Marketplace Spotlight: Timeless Creativity at Shepherds Corner Farm

Rebecca Brouwer is always up before the sun at Shepherds Corner Farm. It’s essential to her creative process. Rising to meet the day from her farmhouse in Purcellville, Va., Brouwer grabs her flashlight and makes the morning commute—about a minute’s walk across the property—to a cabin where she keeps her... read more →
Oct 16
donate fall farm tour loudoun hunger relief

Donate Farm-Fresh Produce to Food-Insecure Families This Harvest Season

While the harvest season is often considered a time of plenty, not every family in Loudoun County always has enough to eat. Loudoun Economic Development and the business community want our food-insecure neighbors to have what they need to thrive, and you can help! We're introducing a new community support... read more →
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Apr 05

Loudoun Farmer Trading Cards Return, Kicking Off Growing Season

Loudoun Economic Development and the Loudoun County Public School’s School Nutrition Services office announced the starting lineup of local farmers featured in this year’s deck of Farmer Trading Cards, distributed to elementary school students across the county. This award-winning collaboration is back for its fifth year, coinciding with the start... read more →
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Apr 28

Fresh Leafy Greens Available Year-Round from Loudoun’s Endless Summer Harvest

Harvest season lasts all year long at Endless Summer Harvest in Purcellville, Virginia. Thanks to a sophisticated hydroponic system, the 12,000-square-foot farm produces lettuce, herbs, and other greens equivalent to 12 acres of typical production. “That is the future of farming,” says Mary Ellen Taylor, the farm’s proprietress. “You have... read more →
Apr 27

Middleburg is Doubling Your Discount When Shopping Their Downtown

A charming downtown and an innovative spirit are leading economic recovery in one of Loudoun County’s small towns. While many businesses across the nation are scrambling to adapt to new sales and safety practices, Middleburg restaurants and shops are thriving under popular new programs. Middleburg Mayor Bridge Littleton hopped on... read more →
Apr 23
Apr 15
take loudoun 2020 home beer delivery

Knock Knock, Beer Delivery to Your Door: Loudoun Breweries Get Creative With New Social Distancing Regulations

We are certainly living in unprecedented times - which leads to innovation. While most are adapting to their new normal of working from home, local breweries are finding creative ways for you to enjoy your favorite beer in the comfort of your home. Check out our list below of breweries... read more →
Apr 15
take loudoun home educational arts and crafts

Are You Suddenly a Homeschool Teacher? These Loudoun Businesses are Offering Educational Crafts and Activities That Your Kids Will Love

During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of Loudoun County locals have found themselves in a new role: homeschool teachers. Whether you have one child at home with one teacher or multiple children with multiple teachers, you might find yourself running out of educational ideas trying to find ways to keep... read more →
Apr 15
Apr 15
take loudoun home 2020 grocery farm market

Healthy and Homegrown: These 6 Loudoun Farms and Markets Have Everything You Need for Your Next Grocery Run

Purchasing Loudoun Made, Loudoun Grown products is a great way to support local businesses, especially during these uncertain times. With everything from locally sourced meats, produce, cheeses, dry goods (and even toilet paper!), consider stopping by these local markets the next time you head out for your grocery run. Natural... read more →
Apr 15
take loudoun 2020 virtual wine tastings

Social Distancing Loudoun Wine Guide: Virtual Winemaker Chats, Specialty In-Home Tastings, and More

While the entire country is practicing social distancing, Loudoun County wineries are embracing creative virtual experiences that showcase their products while being compliant to state and federal regulations. While it can be argued that most people choose to visit wineries for the experience, these Loudoun wineries are allowing the consumer... read more →
Apr 15
Mar 17

Message from Buddy Rizer, Executive Director: These are not normal circumstances. Under normal circumstances, The Department of Economic Development is dedicated to attracting, growing and retaining targeted businesses and to promoting entrepreneur-ism in order to diversify and strengthen Loudoun’s economy. These are not normal circumstances. The potential impact of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, on our business climate is real, unpredictable... read more →
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Seven Ways Buying Food Directly From the Farm Helps You Reach Your Goals

We’re only weeks into 2019, but it’s already crunch time for most people’s New Year’s resolutions. Whether your goals were to lose weight, eat healthier or save time on things like grocery shopping, community-supported agriculture could be your trick to resolution success. CSAs are a subscription between you and a... read more →
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