Have you heard what all of the buzz is about?

Loudoun County is a haven for beekeepers, even at a time when pollinator populations are struggling around the world. Beehives play an essential role in the success of farms, and not just for the honey, wax and derivative products like mead.

Bees help to pollinate the beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruit trees grown on Loudoun Farms. Globally, bees may be responsible for one-third of humanity’s food supply.

Also on Loudoun farms like Bill Bundy’s RedGate Farm, they are major food producers. Each year, Bundy’s bees produce thousands of pounds of honey, all while pollinating everything in a several-mile radius.

bill bundy, jessica monte, stefanie dove

Cold winters and hot summers don’t bother Bundy, nor do the countless number of times that he’s been stung by his swarms. But earlier this year, he faced a tougher challenge: answering the questions of elementary and middle school students. Listen in on how he did, courtesy of Jessica Monte and Loudoun County Magazine: